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My favorite NYC Steak houses

Peter Luger, 178 Broadway, Brooklyn, 718-387-7400

Its really not that hard to get to, just across Williamsburgh Bridge or one stop on the J,M or Z into Brooklyn and a three minute walk, it really is worth the visit once in a while or if its your first time.  Reservations are a pain, but make the call and get a date.  Great bar to wait for your table at and then the fun begins.  Not too tough to figure out what to get, only one cut of steak, the porterhouse and it just matters how you want it cooked.  Sides are famous as well and the bread is killer. Everything really is outstanding, the place is fun and remember to bring cash as they don’t accept credit cards.

STK, 26 Little w 12th St, (646) 624-2444

Beautiful and trendy Meat Packing steakhouse, this place does deliver a contemporary experience with expensive steaks that generally will not disappoint you.  Its very loud, but a great scene and loads of eye candy, especially thursday and friday nights, wow!  I think that most all of these steak joints sell a beautiful piece of meat, USDA Prime, its all pretty similar throughout NYC. I tend to judge them by the service, ambiance and mostly the sides.  These guys have great sides, I think only topped by Quality Meats in the city.  Expensive but very cool, if you want steak and scene, I don’t think there is a better place.

Abe & Arthurs, 409 W. 14th, (646) 289-3930

Right on 14th Street next door to the Apple store, another steak house scene for the beautiful peolpe with a menu a bit more expansive than some of the other joints in the area.  Fun for celbrity and people watching but honestly not my favorite choice for a great dinner.  Its very loud, service is generally ok but for the price and alternatives, they need to upgrade the product in my opinion.Again, outstanding eye candy and good food, just not good enough.

Quality Meats, 57 W. 58th St @ 6th Ave, 212-377-7777

Owned by the Stillman family, founders of Smith & Wollensky, a beautiful midtown location with I believe the best side dishes in the steakhouse scene in NYC.  Steaks are like everyone else’s, staff is nice but not extraordinary, but if you want to be in mid-town and have a great steakhouse experience, this would be my choice over Porterhouse in the Time Warner Building.

Del Frisco’s, 1221 Sixth Ave, 212-575-5129

Probably the best steakhouse chain and loudest restaurant in NYC, its a favorite of many because the steak really is great.  Its huge, beautiful, located in the middle of Rockefeller Center but they are so busy all of the time that to me its a pain in the ass to go there.  You have to wait to talk to the hostess, give them your coat or get a drink at the bar, sort of reminds me of the old Yogi Berra quote, “nobody goes there anymore because its too busy.”

The Palm, 837 Second Ave, 212-687-2953

The best thing about the Palm is the price, its probably the most fairly priced of the higher end steak houses in the city.  There is no atmosphere unless you like old school rustic, but always a very good steak, the usual sides and its twenty percent cheaper than everyone else.

Sparks, 210 E. 46th (b/w 2nd & 3rd), 212-687-4855

Made famous because of the hit by John Gotti on his boss Paul Castellano in the 80’s, many do consider it the best of the steak houses in NY.  A great menu, very well trained staff, top of the line meat and a big, expansive room.  The wine list is what you would expect and the overall experience is generally is good as you will get.

Wolfgang’s, 4 Park Ave, New York, NY, (212) 889-3369

He is the former Maitre d’ at Luger’s who opened the same place in Manhattan to save people the trip and allow them to use a credit card, its almost the same food but not perfectly copied.  I would say its also at the top of the list and has become very popular, now with three locations in the city, its absolutely worth a try over the national chains with outposts throughout the city.


One comment on “My favorite NYC Steak houses

  1. Enjoyed reading all your comments of many places I have benn. I do think Club A on 58th street the old Bruno’s Italian (same owner) is outstanding and they are very accommodating. BK

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