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My favorite Pizza places

Motorino, 349 E. 12th St, 212-777-2644

Winner of several best pizza in NYC awards, was taken here by Ed Levine of Serious Eats who considers this the best pie this side of the East River (get it) and it will not disappoint.  Great crust, perfectly cooked and worth the schlepp to the East Village. (see listing:


Lombardi’s, 32 Spring Street, 212-941-7994

The oldest and some say the first pizza place in the USA, was opened down the street in 1897.  Its still has coal fired ovens that they keep on about 24 hours per day to keep them burning hot and perfectly.  You cannot get a slice, its whole pie’s and salads only and cash is the currency.  The pizza is great, I know many think of it as very touristy, but is is delicious and right now my favorite pizza.  The walk into the kitchen is fun, just ask them and they will take you back to see these ancient coal ovens at work.  Almost always a line, but truly perfect NY pizza.

Co.  230 Ninth Ave @ 24th, 212-243-1105, Jim Lahey/Sullivan Street Bakery – Owner

Cool and trendy with outstanding pizza’s of many kinds and terrific salads and soups, this is an offshoot of the Sullivan Street Bakery, so you know the crust is amazing. I love the Stracciatella pie, huge heapings of arugula. the Meatball pizza is great, loads of veal meatballs and lots of other toppings. Small but inexpensive wine list and everyone sits family style, all in all a solid place in Chelsea for fancy pizza.

Donatella, 184 8th Ave, 212-493-5150

She is a famous food celebrity and cookbook author who has a terrific little restaurant in Chelsea.  Cooked in wood burning ovens at 700 degrees, the very thin crust pizza is on many people’s list as the top in the city.  All of the pizza’s are great, I especially like the Diavola with spicy salami and a good kick in the sauce.  The menu is much more expansive than other pizza focused places, so your gluten free friends can eat quite well.

John’s of Bleeker Street, 278 Bleeker St, 212-243-1680

Since the 20’s, they have also been serving coal fired pizza in 850 degree ovens that is true New York pizza.  Again, no slices and no credit cards, located in the heart of the Village, John’s delivers a solid pie with a large house salad and that is about all you get.  But, you will love the place, the pie’s are terrific and the price will be right, so bring the family of the office staff, all will enjoy and walk away satisfied

Risoterria, 270 Bleeker St, 212-924-6664

The single best gluten free italian place in NYC, they have a full menu of everything you can think of gluten free, including pretty good cupcakes!  The pizza is the best of its kind in NYC, if gluten free pizza can be good.  They have a full vegetarian menu and offer pasta and other things also.  But, for gluten free pizza, this Greenwich Village restrauant is the best you will find.

More to come, I will be venturing to Brooklyn, reputed to have the best pizza in NYC in the next few months.


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