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Miami Restaurants

Osteria del Teatro, 1443 Washington Ave, South Beach – Gilbert, owner

This is our favorite place in SoBe.  Its a wonderful italian restaurant like the kinds you find throughout NYC.  Outstanding service, about anything you want to eat they will make, its all fresh and delicious and the prices are very fair.  All the pasta is made fresh in theor kitchen and the deserts are to die for.  A very small but solid wine list should meet your needs.  I love the lobster mango salad and the grilled tiger schrimp in garlic, lemon and herbs is just fantastic. This is a place that you should not judge a book by its cover, trust me.


Michael’s Genuine, 130 NE 40th (Design District) Miami, 305-573-5550

Considered by many ghe best Miami has to offer, its the go to restaurant is you want to know your going to have a super meal.  Michela is a star chef, delivers every time and has a very cool and fun restaurant.  We love the chicken, cooked perfectly, always moist and tender and the fries are great.  His fishes are always a hit a hit and never miss the brussel sprouts, not sure how he does it but makes them taste great.  All in all, you cannot have a baad meal here and try to sit outside in the courtyard so you can shop while you ait.

The Big Pink, 157 Collins (at 2nd), South Beach, 305-532-4700


The diner of diners, this place was on the Food Network several times and has a menu of moore than 200 items that you can get for breakfast, lunch or dinner and everything is masssive in size and always good.  They nake their own bread and make their own amazing deserts, but in the end, everything is really good and cheap.  The best place in town for breakfast, but just good fun and simple comfort food all day long and you can bring your dog and sit on their patio!

Fifi’s Place, 6934 Collins, Miami Beach, 305-865-5665

This one you will not find on your restaurant guides, its one of the hidden gems of the area.  FFifi started selling fish to restaurants then opened her own and has now expaneded a few times.  The make the best civiche in town (sorry Ola) and they have whole fresh fish three ways, fried, grilled or steamed and each one is better than the last.  And save room for deserrt, she will bring it to you on the house and you will eat every bite.





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